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Wegman Partners: What Young Lawyers Are Looking For in a Firm

In 2019, the American Bar Association reported over 1.3 million active attorneys practicing in the United States. That same year saw one of the largest law school enrollments in recent history. The law industry has seen an unprecedented rise in lawyers within the last five years, and projections for the future show only an increase in these numbers. In response, many firms are now asking themselves what the best ways to attract these bright young minds are? Colby Wegman, the founder of Wegman Partners, has over a decade of experience in the search profession. Wegman Partners is one of the top headhunting firms in America and a vital resource for legal firms looking to add to their practice’s members. For firms looking to hire these young lawyers, Colby Wegman sits down and discusses what the new generation of lawyers are looking for in a firm. 

Work-Life Balance 

Perhaps the most essential point on this list is work-life balance. Many young lawyers are not looking for a firm that will require 80 hour work weeks, but instead promotes measures that do not lead to employee burnout. In a recent study, young lawyers received a survey that asked if they would give up their larger salary for a better work-life balance, to which the majority answered yes. 

Well Developed Training Programs

Frequently, young lawyers are still looking to expand their knowledge and gain experience well into their first few years at a law firm. Therefore, firms that offer developed training programs such as onboard training, continuing education financial support, and summer associate programs are more often sought after by candidates. 

Partner Potential 

While it is widely believed that the newest generation of lawyers do not wish to become a partner, this notion is untrue. Many of this younger generation, just like previous ones, see the benefits of becoming a partner at their law firm and often hope to reach that goal within their first ten years. 

Equal Pay Across Gender 

In recent years, studies show a higher percentage of women are now attending law school than their male counterparts. With an influx of women in the industry, young female lawyers are currently looking for firms that promote equal pay. Many young lawyers are now asking for open transparency regarding compensation and are demanding equal pay between the genders.

By Colby Wegman

Colby Wegman writes about commercial property investment and tech startup funding.

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