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Colby Wegman
Colby Wegman

Colby Wegman of Wegman Partners

Welcome to, a website dedicated to the career of business entrepreneur and search professional Colby Wegman. Colby Wegman is the proud owner of five successful businesses throughout the South and Southwest, with locations in Dallas, Houston, Austin, Atlanta, and Phoenix. Mr. Wegman’s companies specialize in search services and are prominent providers of employees within various industries, including healthcare, technology, legal, accounting, and finance. 

Throughout his career, Colby Wegman has attributed his professional success to his alma mater, Texas Tech University. Mr. Wegman has often cited the social skills and valuable opportunities given to him at Texas Tech for kickstarting his career and allowing him to quickly advance in the search sector. During his first year attending Texas Tech, Colby Wegman was given the opportunity to run his first business, the largest pool cleaning company in west Texas. While managing this company, Colby Wegman says he contracted the “entrepreneurial bug,” and shortly after changed his major to business management. 

Colby Wegman believes that everyone can benefit from work and jobs early in life can provide lessons that inspire a whole career path. It becomes apparent in the job world that there’s no replacing effort. No matter what product or service an entrepreneur is pitching, they won’t be successful unless they are willing to put in the work.

After graduating from Texas Tech University in 2000 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Mr. Wegman was hired by MPS Group as a search professional. During his time at MPS Group, Mr. Wegman would gain a deep understanding of the search industry and client relations and hoped to use his experiences at MPS to run his own search firm one day. Four years later, this dream was realized when Colby Wegman founded Wegman Partners LLC, one of the nations leading full-service legal search firms. 

Wegman Partners LLC has since tripled in size and has expanded with new offices in locations across the country, including Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York, and San Francisco. Known internationally for their perceptive search services, Wegman Partners LLC provides legal staff from partners to in-house attorneys for top international AmLaw 200, midsize law firm clients, and Fortune 500 corporations.

In addition to Wegman Partners LLC, Colby Wegman owns three other search firms, Agile Premier, Elevate Healthcare Consultants, and Sage Search Partners. After the success of Wegman Partners, Mr. Wegman hoped to expand his search services to specialize in the healthcare, technology, and finance industries. This wish was later fulfilled in 2012, 2015, and 2017, when Colby Wegman founded Agile Premiere, Elevate Healthcare Consultants, and Sage Search Partners, respectively. 

In the near future, Colby Wegman hopes to use this website as a platform to discuss various topics ranging from managerial techniques to search industry insights. Mr. Wegman sympathizes with young entrepreneurs and search professionals and understands the difficulties of first “starting out.” For this reason, Mr. Wegman will prioritize discussing topics that may help these young professionals grow their business and reach their professional goals. 

If you are interested in learning more about the career of Colby Wegman, Wegman Partners, or further information on the search industry and business management, return to the blog for frequent updates.